ChangeOnFire is dedicated to helping others live life by consistently striving to be the best versions of ourselves and by setting a positive example to follow. We want to foster a community where teamwork, dedication, and encouragement helps to build each other up. Together we CAN make a difference towards Being the Change we wish to see in the World. Our focus is helping people succeed in life by living their passions. No DREAM is too large or too small! We strive to focus on our goals… being Faith, Family, Fitness, and Food.

Faith- Regardless of your spiritual path, in order to live a balanced life, you must also spend equal time developing your spiritual side. This is personal to you and you alone. ChangeOnFire will never discriminate against your beliefs or force our beliefs on anyone. We will respect and encourage you on your own personal spiritual growth and your Belief in self so that you can achieve whatever goals you set your mind to.

Family- This journey is all about developing relationships with people and truly CARING about others. We want EVERYONE to feel welcome and we strive to foster a ‘family’ atmosphere so that we can be open, honest, and trustworthy in order to HELP each other progress, reach goals, and share strategies and tips on how to succeed. As part of ChangeOnFire, we should nurture our friendships and grow TOGETHER! None of us can do it alone; WE are all in this together.

Fitness- Our bodies deserve to be treated with reverence. In order to reach our optimal chance of survival, we need to support our bodies and minds through exercise and personal development. We need to fuel our bodies with the most effective nutrients through clean eating and awareness of what we put into our bodies and their effects. We need to exercise to strengthen our bodies for it to run at the most optimal level for health.

Food – Who doesn’t love to eat? We want to help get you on the right path to clean eating by showing you what food works and what foods to avoid or limit in your lifestyle to create a lasting habit of health.

The reason we chose the name ChangeOnFire and our Logo is because the Greek letter Delta mathematically represents the change in variables (thus changes you will be making on your journey and that I made on mine) and it also plays on the Spartan lifestyle of simplicity and natural. The reason it is on fire is to represent a burning desire for change and the motivation and passion that surrounds my heart for this community and my passion to help others change their lives and start their journey!