As a wife and mother, my health and wellness make a huge difference on not only my life but also on that of my family. Knowing I needed to make a difference in my life pushed me to make some major life changes. So when I first started my fitness journey I thought it was all about time in the gym.  I spent hours in the gym and was going 2-3 times a day at least 5 days a week. I seen some small results in the beginning, but soon fell off as the dynamics of my family life changed. I was also working out with my husband, which helped motivate me to keep going. He got busy at work and thus I lost my workout buddy.  Shortly after that I hit the largest plateau in my workout journey.

My fitness journey has been a crazy yet inspiring ride. 

It started out several years ago now, when I had my son. I gained the most weight with him and I was determined to get into better shape to be able to keep up with my then two children. Everything was going great until an accident caused me to have a really severe concussion with which I lost my memory and started a long journey back to normal.

This concussion actually caused a brain injury that later would lead to some big health complications for me. One of the major ones being a heart condition, that was aggravated with any type of increased heart rate. Even vacuuming caused me to pass out. It took almost an entire year for us to figure out what was going on and in that time, I sustained two more concussions. One from passing out into my front door and one from accidentally pulling the clothes iron off the shelf while getting a blanket down.

Needless to say with all of these issues, I never thought I would get back to fitness and ever feeling good about myself again. It took almost a year of constant tests and doctor visits to figure out exactly what was happening and even then everything wasn't conclusive, but we did find a way to control the symptoms and to stop the passing out. I started a regime of daily medication to help keep my body under control.

We were off to the races again. I was getting back into a workout routine and getting back on track. Things were going well for a couple of years and then BAM life struck again. I found out I had endometriosis and other complications and in the end surgery was my best option. I was still very young for the procedure and even though the doctors had to tell me the risks, they were all sure that with me being young and in good health everything should go smoothly.

Sadly however, that was not to be the case. I had the surgery and went home still in enough pain that I was taking the stronger meds (not like me at all, I barely take motrin). After a week of this same condition and several calls to the ER, I knew I needed to go in. Something was wrong, but we didn't know what. Turned out that I had a sever blood clot and sepsis had take root in my abdominal area. They admitted me to the hospital and started me on one of the strongest pain killers (stronger than morphine) and 4 different types of antibiotics all at the same time. I was to sick to even take care of myself or get out of the bed. I went from hot to freezing and if the medication wasn't given right it gave me the shakes (like can't control my body, involuntary movement type shakes). Or there was the blood thinner shots that a few of the nurses seemed to be using as darts into my abdominal. Needless to say, I didn't feel very strong in this moment.

After 6 days of this they had to make a decision, my body was not responding to all the medication and my kidneys were starting to have trouble. An emergency surgery was the call. They went back in with a whole team of doctors to clean out the infection. Two days later I was headed home, not even taking motrin. I wasn't healed, but I was finally on my way.

It took what seemed like forever before I got the ok to work out again. The process was slow and grueling, considering just walking down the driveway to my mailbox was taxing on my body. I had lost all the muscle I had previously worked so hard for and my body was just not my normal anymore. I had to modify the modifier and I felt so defeated and like I would never get back to where I had been. That is when the last brick fell, 4 months after my original surgery. I had to go in for yet another surgery because of complications from the sepsis. Which meant yet another round of down time and no working out. 

It was then that I first found Beachbody. I started working out with Shaun T and doing Hip, Hop, Abs (it is mostly dancing and standing ab work) and later moved on to the 21 Day Fix. This is where I truly found my pot of gold. Since the surgeries we had been eating healthy and working out, but what we learned was how important certain types of foods were and how much of each we truly needed to be eating. I also found an amazing and inspirational community of like minded people who through our accountability groups helped each other reach our goals and work through the hard times with support. 

3 years later I am happy to say that I am better than I was before the surgeries and though it was a really hard journey with many setbacks...those challenges have made me stronger and have helped me to help so many other women who are on their own fitness journeys. It also led me to getting more information to better help others. Thus I became a personal trainer & certified behavioral change coach. 

So what I have learned on this journey to this point is that Accountability is Key and so is knowing proper portion sizes and the understanding of clean eating. Does that mean I am perfect all the time? NO WAY! I still love pizza every now and then….and of course Kettle chips always hit the spot on occasion. What I have incorporated in my life is the 80/20 rule and how small changes over time add up to success on my fitness journey. It is the compound effect and it works splendidly.


I have also learned that changing your lifestyle is truly a journey not a destination. I choose to keep learning and working on mine every single day. I have tried many of the Beachbody programs since that time, but my love is still the 21 Day Fix programs….though PiYo has become my second love. I now host the very same groups that helped me with accountability to my program and share the nutritional information that I learned through Challenge Groups. 


If you are looking for support and help on starting your journey, I would love to hear from you and to help get you started.


Let’s ignite your spark and start your journey! 

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