Core De Force: An MMA/Kickboxing Workout Program

Are you ready to FIGHT for the body you've alway wanted!? 

Core De Force is 30 days of butt kicking, sweat inducing workouts!

Are you a fan of no-nonsense workouts that get the job done while kicking butt?? How about an MMA/Kickboxing style workout with no frills and fluff? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you Need to get this program. It is going to be life changing!

What are the Workouts Like?

There are 3 different types of workouts that will make up Core de Force. The main focus will be on workouts that are inspired by MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai combinations! There will also be bodyweight training to sculpt and tone your muscles, and cardio intervals to elevate your heart rate and burn fat quickly!

What Equipment is Required?

NONE! Core de Force focuses on moves that use your own body weight to really shred and tone your body! If you are working out on a hard surface, I do suggest using a yoga mat or towel!

Is the Program High Impact/Is there a Modifier?

First off, YES, there is a modifier! And as for the program being high impact, there are some moves that are higher impact. But you can just follow the modifier and still really put your muscles to work!

How Much will Core de Force Cost? What’s Included?

The Core de Force base package will include all of the workouts on DVD, a Quick Start Guide to help get you maximum results fast, a Workout Calendar and a Complete Nutrition Guide. This base package will cost $59.95.

There will also be a Core de Force Challenge Pack available! This will include everything from the base kit, along with a month of Shakeology and some other bonuses. The pricing for the Challenge Pack has not yet been released, but it will likely retail at $160. However, during the release month, Beachbody often runs a Challenge Pack special, which should be $140! So if you want to get it at the sale price, be sure to sign up for email alerts!

Who is Core de Force for and What type of results can I expect?

 Core de Force is honestly for anyone! If you have enjoyed kickboxing or martial arts inspired workouts in the past, then this workout is definitely for you! But really, it’s for anyone who wants a workout that is going to make them sweat and really target their core in order to burn tons of calories and tone your body quickly!

Anyone from beginners to people who are more advanced in their health & fitness journey will be able to do Core de Force. For beginners, there is a modifier, which will help you work up towards the more intense moves. The workouts can also be done at your own pace (which is why Joel & Jericho decided not to set Core de Force to music, so that people did not feel that they had to do the moves at any certain speed). And for people who are more advanced, the advanced versions of the moves in Core de Force will really push you past your comfort zone and force you to dig deep in order to step up your results.