The 21 day Fix program is unique because it not only focuses on exercise which is important for weightless, but it also focuses on nutrition. This is key because everyone knows that you can’t out train a bad diet and believe me I tried!

Who is this program for?

The best part about this program is its simplicity!

Nothing better than using the container system for portion control and meal prep and following a simple yet effective workout program.

So How Does It Work???

This helps me to prepare healthy and portion controlled mealsfor the whole family.

It does take a little getting used to at first, but once you understand it you are on your way and you will even be able to order at a restaurant and know how to stay within your portion allowance. The system is all about portion control and eating the right portions for your body, not about starving yourself.  Which is actually counter productive to weightless and even causes weight gain when you return to a normal meal plan. The key here is learning positive steps to healthy lifestyle.

30 Minutes A Day!!! Say what?????

Plus  who doesn’t love 30 minutes a day to a healthier you? That is all these workouts take is 30 minutes a day. The other thing I really love and that I had to use when I first started was the modifiers that are available with every workout. This means that truly anyone can get started with this program and then build from there! These workouts have gotten amazing results!

I am so glad you asked! First, go to my site and create a (FREE account) which makes ME your Beachbody coach. Then I will send you the details on the 21 Day Fix, get you signed up, and get you into my next challenge group to get you started off right!

The group is hosted through Facebook and it is a closed group, which means no one but those in the group will see what is posted. If you invest in me, I will invest in you! The only cost to you is the challenge pack which includes EVERYTHING you need to get started.

It took a HUGE medical scare for me to get started on a healthy lifestyle! I realized that I needed  to take the time to take care of myself so that I could take care of everyone else to the best of my abilities.

I want health and happiness for all of you as well. I want to help you take back your health and your life and start living life to the fullest! Don’t wait until a close call where it could be the end of your life. This is a chance to make a choice today that can change the rest of your life!

Why not now? Why not you?

Be my next transformation share!

Notes from me:

So if you could ever have a first love in fitness.....this would totally be mine. I started this program shortly after having 3 major abdominal surgeries. When I was allowed to start working out again, I started with Hip, Hop, Abs to slowly rebuild some of the muscle that had been lost. Then as I got stronger I transitioned to this amazing program. I would love to say that it was simply the workouts that got me into better shape, but I know that isn't the case. 

This program taught me so much more about nutrition and portion control than I had ever known. See I had been working out for a while prior to my surgeries (and before anyone thinks it....not it wasn't plastic surgery), but still wasn't losing weight and more importantly changing my figure and losing inches like I hoped I would. What I realized though after starting this program is, no matter how many hours you spend  working out the saying is totally true. "You can't out train a bad diet!" We have all heard it.

By using this program I lost over 20 + lbs, but more importantly. I learned that eating healthy is a choice and I can do it no matter where I am and found confidence in myself and my body for the first time. Self image is something I have struggled with my entire life. I never felt worthy of the life I have been blessed with because I didn't look a certain way and because I fail daily at things I feel I should have all figured out in life. Know that your goals for fitness are totally within your reach. All you have to do is make the choice to get started and take it one day at a time. Before you know it you will have crushed your goal and will be setting a new one! 

Ready to get started? 

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